Sound booster

Our Sound boosters with active sound are universal and fit most car models with diesel, petrol, hybrid and electric engines that have Can-bus.

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Sound booster Speaker

By installing a Sound booster, you get a new experience with the car. This
is a well-known “trick” used by several car manufacturers today to sharpen the feel. Expensive
performance cars are experienced even a little faster and it becomes more fun behind the wheel! The sound is heard
both inside the car and outside. Quiet diesel cars get a sportier sound so that they are more experienced
like a petrol car with a sports exhaust system. Cars with petrol engines get a more aggressive
and “mushier” sound. It is possible to set several different sound types (V6/V8 ex) idling sound, speed sound,
throttle and volume. With connection to the vehicle’s CAN bus, the sound modes are controlled with
consideration of speed and gears.

Sound booster is an electric module with software, which together with an integrated speaker in
a separate unit amplifies the exhaust sound, which is controlled via an app on the mobile phone.
Direct model units that install via wiring to the dashboard.
Installation of these is recommended, at an additional cost, to be carried out at Ferrita in Köping.
Reservation for opportunities where there may be a lack of space, for example
on vehicles with air suspension.

Maxhaust Bridge

A milestone in terms of tuning. Maxhaust Bridge combines a variety of functions
individually for your vehicle. Expandable at any time, fully integrable and very easy to use.
All from one source! All in one place! All in one app!

Add as many devices as you want.

Maxhaust Bridge is the all-in-one interface
for your car.
Via this app you can check
Sound Booster,
air suspension, exhaust valves or interior lighting.
Also functions such as reading fault codes for the car
as well as create your own exhaust sounds can
performed via this app.
Every Maxhaust product is controlled and
managed with Bridge.
Just like today’s smart home, you can now control your car in a variety of ways.

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