Air filter

Our panel & insert filters replace originals,
the manufacturer is Sprint filters and BMC.


Development: With a new patented air filter concept with an innovative polyester material that means the air channels are constantly calibrated to a specific flow. Bench test results show that the Sprint filter is the best solution for delivering the right amount of air in a constant manner. This is achieved thanks to the optimization of the surfaces of all air filters that are adapted to be mounted in the original air box. They thus follow the maximum achievable surface: more AIR, more POWER, more FILTRATION. Sprint filter is constantly developing new solutions with the best racing teams in the world, to search for maximum power and minimum power loss.

Material: Sprint filter’s polyester membrane is extremely durable, stable and not affected by folding during manufacturing compared to cotton filters which have weaving where several layers overlap each other, which leads to poor and ineffective filtration in some areas. There is no filter in the world that is based on a similar drawing. The membrane filter consists of a fabric with polyester threads from Ø 22 microns (P08F1-85). In addition, the filtering surface is doubled more than on any other special filter.

Easy maintenance: The Sprint filter’s cleaning procedure is simple and quick: Use air pressure in the opposite direction to clear away accumulated debris and dust. No washing or drying is necessary. The filter can be refitted immediately. Maintenance of the air filter is important for engine protection, care and efficiency. A clean and undamaged filter always guarantees the right amount of clean air for the air box.


The well-known filters in their classic red design, manufactured in fully cast design without joints or welding joints, which provides a stable and stable construction. The filter material is made of several layers of cotton fabric that is treated with a special oil film for the best filter properties. The filters are covered with aluminum mesh that has an epoxy coated surface and are washable for reuse.


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