Assembly description

A. Verify

Check that packaging and goods have not been damaged during delivery. If the packagin is delivered damaged, the contents may
also be deformed or missing details. If so, contact your supplier. Check that the exhaust system corresponds to the one you ordered for your car.

B. Disassemble

Disassemble the old exhaust system. Start from the back and work your way forward step by step. Be careful with the bolts at the flange connection to the catalytic converter and turbo unit so that these are not damaged. Avoid damagin any nearby pipelines or other sensitive components under the car.

C. Mount

Remove the protective plastic from the silencers.
Then fit new rubber suspensions if it is part of the exhaust system you bought. Apply a thin layer of exhaust paste in the assembled parts to
avoid possible leakage in the slot joints of your new exhaust system. Start from the front and assemble detail by detail towards the back.
Fit clamps and any bots to flange connections loosely. ATTENTION! Clamps must be mounted at the bottom of the slot.
Check that all new parts hang freely in their correct positions. Tighten all clamps and bolt connections from front to back. At the same time, check that the parts hang without tension even during tightening. Your new exhaust system from Ferrita is fitted and ready.
ATTENTION! Do not check the tightness of the exhaust system by blocking the end pipe as the engine may be damaged.

Contact us if you have any questinons about installing your exhaust system or exhaust details:
Phone: +46221-18070