BMW Valve flap control unit G-serien Biturbo

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LEIB CAN EXHAUST PRO – for full control.

Plug & Play installation in about 30 minutes without cutting or soldering. The Installation is possible wihtout any prior knowlegde through the online available and illustrated installation instructions. Alternatively, we recommend installation by a specialist workshop or one of our dealers. Automotive connectors are guarranteeing full functionality. The LEIB CAN BUS module ensures with the E1 approval and CE marking the highest standards in the BUS system of the car.


Main functions:

  • EXHAUST VALVE FLAP CONTROL | Adjustable in modes: open – series – closed
  • START STOP OFF | The engine start stop function can be deactivated (can be set in the menu)
  • STAGING | After ‘ignition on’, the needles (speed and rev) of the instrument cluster moves to maximum and back
  • DELETER | The error entry that occures by changing the catalyst(s) will be disabled – no error entry, no check engine light (CEL)
  • TEMPERATURE GAUGE | A selectable temperature can be displayed via the instrument cluster by an LED on the speedometer


  • SOUNDTUNING | The ‘exhaust burble’ can be deactivated (if already available)
  • FLASHLIGHT | A lightning thunderstorm can be activated by briefly pressing the light horn (individually adjustable in the menu)
  • CAT HEATING | The ‘heating’ of the catalysts can be deactivated – the cold start can thus be switched off
  • CLEAR ERROR MEMORY | The complete error memory of all the control units in the vehicle can be cleared on command



Additional functions:


User informations:

  • EXHAUST VALVE FLAP CONTROL | Controlled via rocker on the multifunction steering wheel
  • TEMPERATURE GAUGE | Available temperatures: [1] Engine oil [2] Intake air [3] Transmission oil [4] Cooling water [5] Exhaust
  • RES Button on the multi-function steering wheel pressed shortly, stores the valve flap mode for the next engine start
  • Optical confirmation of the selected valve flap mode by flashing the turn signal – only at the instrument cluster (not visible outside)
  • All functions can be adjusted in the menu (instrument cluster) if required (please download the functional description online)


Important informations:

  • There will be NO error entry by using the LEIB CAN EXHAUST module
  • The LEIB CAN EXHAUST module is automaticly DISABLED, if a BMW Tester is connected to the car
  • To prevent a double function, the functions of the exhaust valve flap control are only operable and the temperature gauge is only visible if the cuise control and the limit function are off


Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 2 mm


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