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Ferrita manufactures stainless exhaust systems for all types of vehicles and special products for the process industry.

Ferrita aims high! Together with retailers, suppliers and customers, we create great added value for everyone involved.

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Ferrita Sweden AB is today one of Sweden’s leading companies in noise and vibration damping, catalysts and exhaust gas purification.
The company has a strong presence on the Swedish market and also exports its products to several other countries around the world.
Our mission is to provide high-quality and cost-effective stainless steel products and reduce the environmental impact of vehicles and industrial facilities.

-production manager
-Production planners
-customer service, salesperson
-Salesperson, Marketing Manager,
web designer
-Goods, web & printing
-Exhaust gas designer, Engine optimization
-Exhaust gas designer
Kenneth “Keno”
-Exhaust gas designer
-final assembler
-Silencer designer
-final assembler
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Ferrita AB was founded.


Micael started as a warehouse worker and welder at Ferrita.


The first deliveries of stainless exhaust systems are delivered to Resmat, Defence Materiel Administration.


Micael Ljungström acquires Ferrita AB, which is renamed Ferrita Sweden AB, and becomes the CEO.


Micael acquires Godarb AB, which then becomes the parent company 19 years later.


Micael acquires the remaining shares in Becur AB, which is a manufacturer of exhaust systems.


Ferrita with Micael Ljungström, PA Wiklund and Bernhard Eriksson is awarded a diploma by Stiftelsen Skapa (in memory of Alfred Nobel) by the Minister of Trade Leif Pagrotsky for our environmental work with particle cleaning of diesel engines in machines.


Ferrita Sweden AB is awarded the honorary prize in the 2001 Environmental Machine of the Year competition by i.a. Sweden’s Byggindustrier, the Byggindustrin newspaper, Jörn Engström’s environmental consultant for the big cities, the Swedish Road Administration and the Byggmaskin association.


Forms the group Godarb AB and Ferrita Sweden AB becomes a subsidiary. Ferrita Norway AS is formed.


Godarb acquired the Finnish company Metpela OY with 53 employees (exhaust system manufacturer).


Building a new workshop in Finland of 2000m2. Investing in a 168mm bending machine for exhaust pipes for e.g. Scania


Agreements are signed with companies in the military defense industry.


Metpela OY was sold. We invest in a cardboard press that gives us the opportunity to get paid for our well packaging.


Becur AB was sold.


New design on our packaging and cardboard packaging.


Ferrita invests in motorsport again after a break of about 10 years. Micael drives the Porsche Carrera GT Cup in team PFI Racing and Patrik Skoog. A 4-car team that developed strongly together and created new growth for Ferrita in motorsport.


Micael drives Historic racing at the AVD Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring with Stig Blomqvist, Per Wallin and Jan Olsson.


We start supplying sports exhaust systems to Volvo Car Corporation. Dunlop Dubai 24h, Micael gets the opportunity to participate with Erik Behrens and two Danish drivers in the Danish team Perfection Racing Europe and fights his way to P2 in the GT4 class.
Ferrita becomes a “technical partner” to the racing series www.timeattacknu.se


The ISO certification process is developed to a completely new level with an adapted quality management system in, among other things, Office 365. Micael participates in the AVD Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring with Torsbygänget, Stig Blomqvist and Mats Lindén.
We are investing in an energy-smart screw compressor. This gives us inspiration to continue investing in energy thieves in our business as the ROI (Return On Investment) for this investment was only 18 months and is thus the start of a long and fun environmental work that never ends. Micael runs timeattack.nu with the Porsche 991 GT3 in the Pro Street class


The company now has a strong expansion. We are starting to deliver sports exhaust systems in series to Polestar Performance AB. We place a high focus on the environment and energy costs, which results in us investing in Mälardalens largest privately owned solar panel facility of a whopping 1532m². About 65% of our energy needs are produced by the solar panels. We are now switching from oil burning to fossil-free heating with energy-efficient air source heat pumps and cooling in the workshops during the summer months, and the staff is rejoicing.
Installs new self-opening/closing doors in our premises and drastically reduces energy consumption.
A close cooperation with GTR Motorpark in Eskilstuna is started.


Energy-smart upgrade of the welding facility. ROI takes less than 12 months and welding fumes and odors are a thing of the past. Staff training in skills and equipment for engine optimization of vehicles. The business case is lower fuel consumption and higher efficiency combined with our efficient sports exhaust systems.
A new warehouse is being built for a higher turnover, faster and safer logistics. Remote controlled electric gate is installed.
White painting of ceilings, walls and floors in the workshop halls.
Starting a major investment project to change the ceiling lighting fixtures to led lighting. Investing in the digitalization and internationalization of our business system and brand.
We do a market survey and competitive analysis for increased sales.


Technical deliveries begin to CEVT.
We focus on high-performance exhaust systems and report clear effects and profit increases in vehicles.
Starting to seriously invest in a new way to market the company by filming and showing our production in social media.
Rebuilds the office spaces with ergonomic height-adjustable desks.


Ferrita is named “Sustainability Company of the Year” by VIS, Västra Mälardalen in cooperation with chairman Mikael Bohman. In August 2019, Micael was named “Rolemodel of the Month” by VIS, Västra Mälardalen i Samverkan. Robotic lawnmowers are installed that are powered by fossil-free solar electricity.


Additional led lighting is installed in the workshop. An agreement is signed with Stena Recycling. All our waste, (garbage, paper, tin and pipes in all material qualities) is now sorted down to the smallest detail, which means that our waste gives us income instead of being a big expense. The environment for mother earth’s load is reduced as the material can be reused.


Micael is named entrepreneur of the year in Västra Mälardalen by Företagarna. LED lighting is installed in the B, C and D workshops as well as in offices, customer rooms and toilets. Fixed electric elements are replaced with oil-filled ones. Investing with marketing in motorsport again in the Porsche Sprint Challenge Scandinavia where Micael drove the series with great success.


Investing in a fully electric company car for customer and supplier visits that is charged with our fossil-free solar electricity. Replaces grass trimmers and hedge trimmers with electric ones that are charged with solar electricity. A new graphic profile is established.