Heavy equipment

Stainless may be needed in other places than just on a car to last a lifetime. We have made a lot of silencers and exhaust systems for trucks, boats, ships and various machines for industry.

Slightly more odd heavy equipment jobs like facade cladding
and works of art Ferrita has also had the honor of making.

Bus, truck
and ships

Systems and exhaust details are manufactured to customer order. Ferrita can
custom-made exhaust parts for passenger boats and ship. Made in
stainless and meets the high demands placed on quality in order to
achieve the right level regarding power, sound level and economy.

For product information and prices welcome to
contakt Ferrita on Tel.nr. 0221-18070

Exhaust purification equipment

For vehicles that do not meet the market’s EURO requirements, it is possible to retrofit
type-approved exhaust cleaning equipment that is adapted to current directives. Catalytic,
diesel particulate filters remove soot particles (PM), hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO). SCR-
converter remove NOx. complete with pipe, additive tank, dosing system, control and
monitoring. Performance depends on vehicle and upgrade level.

Type-approved equipment

Ferrita provides type-approved equipment for upgrading heavy vehicles, buses and trucks,
from EURO 2, 3 and 4 to Euro 5, as well as Euro 4 and 5 to Euro 6, in order to be driven in Swedish environmental zones
(Environmental zone). This means that a vehicle that is fitted with this system is inspected and given the right
upgrade in the registration certificate. Another important factor is also adapting to procurements,
where requirements are often placed on vehicles with EURO 5 or EURO 6 classification. We provide complete
equipment, mounted on vehicle and inspected with new registration certificate. For information and prices
contact us on phone +46221-18070.

Quotation request

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