Do you want a more fun and fuel-efficient vehicle with more power? We have the solution, engine optimization, which we arrange with the car on site with us in Köping.

Just for your car

We do it for customers who might just want increased power, but it is also a good combination to do it in conjunction with sports exhaust. The optimization is done in collaboration with our partner SCT-Tuning, who has extensive experience in the industry. By continuing on the link below, you can select a vehicle and see what result the car gets.

● SCT-Tuning ●

Lower consumption though
more power and higher

An engine optimization from Ferrita makes the car more fuel-efficient and you get more capacity out of what you have. We all want to have as low fuel consumption as possible but still be able to have power and torque. By doing an engine optimization, the engine’s working range is improved through the increased torque at lower rpm. In some cases, you may have a poorly adapted software in the car that causes it to run unevenly at certain revs. We clean this out and give the car a new, fresh software so that the old software does not affect the car’s performance.

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