Environment and quality policy

Environmental policy

Through a well-structured way of working and continuous improvements, the environmental impact of our facility, our products and services shall be reduced, as far as it is technically possible and economically reasonable.

We shall achieve this by:

• Minimize the environmental risks of products and operations.
• Reduce the use and emissions of hazardous substances/materials.
• Streamline the use of energy and natural resources.
• Comply with applicable laws and other requirements in the environmental field.
• Provide an effective business system that meets the requirements of ISO 14001.
• Show openness and communicate and be an role model in our environmental work.

Quality policy

Ferrita Sweden AB’s competitiveness and profitability must be achieved by all employees being aware of and taking responsibility for their own quality based on the customer’s needs and expectations.

Ferrita Sweden AB must therefore continuously:

• Work to achieve the best possible quality.
• Systematically improve our processes.
• Follow and comply with external laws and requirements.
• Focus on product safety.