Frequently asked questions about exhaust systems

No, not if you buy a stainless exhaust system. It can occur on non-stainless, aluminized or carbon steel exhaust systems.

Because you have an aluminized exhaust system/silencer that is not galvanized. Inside, condensation forms when the temperature changes from hot to cold, and moisture build-up eventually causes it to rust both inside and out. The exhaust also contains corrosive gases that are hard on metal.

With a leaking manifold, exhaust system or muffler, your car will be more sluggish and use more fuel. The exhaust system must be completely sealed to function properly. This is done most easily with a stainless exhaust system that requires no maintenance and does not rust. It can be life-threatening if an exhaust system have a leak, and carbon monoxide enters the passenger compartment – it is a colorless and odorless gas that is deadly.

Yes, with an exhaust system specially built for your car with the correct back pressure, the engine gets more power and torque. Combined with a more free-flowing race catalyst, the effect increases further. Invest in a stainless sports exhaust system and you’ll never have to change again.

Yes, it’s a relatively simple job that requires nothing more than common tools and a bit of dexterity. You always receive an Installation description on how to proceed when installing your exhaust system. Do not rely on an ordinary jack power, always use pallet jacks or rent a do-it-yourself hall with a lift.

In the long run – no. Attempts with wax, temperature-resistant varnishes and keeping the exhaust system clean always end up with the same results. The only way to avoid problems with your exhaust system is to invest in a stainless that will last the entire life span of the car and more.

Pipes, mufflers and the suspension devices fixed in the exhaust system are stainless. Pipe clamps that are purchased are stainless if desired.

Why invest in a stainless exhaust system?

Ferrita is a company with more than 50 years in the industry, we produce high quality stainless steel exhaust systems for both cars, buses, recreational vehicles, boats, industrial equipment and much more. If anyone knows stainless exhaust systems, it’s us!

But why should you invest in your vehicle? For us, it’s quite simple. It’s a combination of keeping the value of your car up, meeting the requirements of the inspection and meeting the environmental regulations. There are even more benefits – keep reading and we’ll explain everything to you! Many cars need a new exhaust system after only a couple of years in use. It has to do with the quality of the product, and how the car is used. Unfortunately, we see a lot of new cars with less impressive quality in this area.

Survives the rest of the car

Short trips are never good for a regular exhaust system, such as salty winter roads and wet weather. If you switch to a stainless exhaust system, that will be the last time you need to think about that issue. In just a couple of years, the investment has paid off, and you can be sure that it will outlive the rest of the car. And when or if you choose to sell your car, it will be something the next owner will value highly.

Same as 1975

We’ve had customers come in just to show us that their old classic cars still run with the same systems as in the 70s or 80s. Like Charles Ljung with his Volvo PV 544 in 1968, he got tired of changing his exhaust system every two years. He took his car to Ferrita instead in the mid-70s. – It has to be one of the best things I have done for my car, it has saved me thousands of kroner over the years, he tells us. He still has the same exhaust system as then, and he will never have to change it again.

Improved weight means a lot

There are even more advantages to a stainless exhaust system from Ferrita compared to a cheap aluminized or carbon steel one. One of them is the weight. In most cases, our stainless steel exhaust systems weigh less than one in carbon steel, which de facto results in lower fuel consumption and thus eases the burden on the environment. Weight is also an issue when it comes to performance. Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus, has a lot to say about this. One of his winged quotes; – Added power makes you faster on straights, removed weight makes you faster everywhere. With all of this in mind, it should be in every car owner’s best interest to care about the longevity and value of their car, the environment, range and performance.