Stainless may be needed in other places than just on a passenger car to last a lifetime. We manufacture exhaust systems and special parts to customer order and can be delivered or mounted directly on the vehicle.

Ferritas stainless exhaust system meets the high demands placed on quality and ergonomics in order to achieve the goals everyone has. Adjusted level regarding effect, sound level and economy.

Exhaust purification equipment
for euro upgrade
for trucks

For vehicles that do not meet the market’s EURO requirements, it is possible to retrofit
type-approved exhaust cleaning equipment that is adapted to current directives. Catalytic,
diesel particulate filters remove soot particles (PM), hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO). SCR-
converter remove NOx. complete with pipe, additive tank, dosing system, control and
monitoring. Performance depends on vehicle and upgrade level.

Environmental zones in Sweden.

All cities in Sweden are obliged to guarantee their residents acceptable air quality. In many cities, NOX and particles need to be reduced and this must be achieved by introducing environmental zones. In an environmental zone, there are environmental restrictions for heavy vehicles (over 3,5t).

  • All heavy, diesel-powered trucks and buses are allowed to enter the environmetal zone for at least 6 years, counted from the first registration of the vehicle, regardless of the country of registration.
  • EURO 2 and 3 vehicles can enter the environmetal zone for 8 years from the first registration of the vehicle.
  • EURO 4 vehicles can enter the environmental zone up to and including the year 2016, regardless of the year of registration.
  • EURO 5 vhicles can enter the environmental zone up to and including the year 2020, regardless of the year of registration.
  • EURO 6 has no set limit

Type-approved equipment

Ferrita provides type-approved equipment for heavy vehicles, buses and trucks. From EURO 2, 3 and 4 to EURO 5, EURO 4 and 5 to EURO 6, in order to be performed in Swedish environmental zones.
This means that a vehicle that is fitted with this system is inspected and receives the correct upgrade in the registration certificate.
Another important factor is also adapting to procurements, where requirements are often made for vehicles with EURO 5 or EURO 6 classification.
We provide complete equipment, mounted on vehicles and inspected with new registration certificate.

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